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Vidhi Madhi Ultaa (2018) | Tamil Movie

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Jan 1 2018
Vidhi Madhi Ultaa (2018) | Tamil Movie
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Genre: Comedy, Thriller
Release: Jan 5, 2018
Duration: 1:50:00
Language: Tamil
Cast: Rameez Raja, Janani Iyer, Daniel Balaji, Karunakaran
Director: Vijai Balaji. S
Story : Vijai Balaji. S
Music: Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy
Editor: Bhuvan Srinivasan
Cinematography: I. Martin Joe
VidhiMadhiUltaa is a Comedy – Thriller film written and directed by Vijay Balaji in his debut direction. Darling2 fame “Rameez Raja” and Janani Iyer is featured in the lead roles, while Daniel Balaji and Karunakaran in pivotal roles. Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy has scored music for the film. Bhuvan Srinivasan has Edited the film and Martin Joe has done the cinematography.
Aditya (Rameez Raja) wakes up from a nightmare and sleeps back realizing it is a dream. To his surprise, his daily life event starts syncing with the nightmare he had. He tries to explain it to his family and friends, but no one believes him.
What did Adithya see in his dream? Why is he so worried? How will he escape the fate? Watch the movie to unfold the story.

Times of India | 4/10 Stars

A youngster has a nightmare and gets the shock of his life when the events from the dream start happening in his real life.How does he save his life now? Though the film starts in a lackadaisical manner, there is a point when it makes viewers believe that the plot could have worked with some engaging moments. But the screenplay goes haywire after some time, making things quite predictable and cliched.  Read full review…

Cinema Express | 4/10 Stars

The issue with the film is that it neither tries to get serious, nor commits to the humour route entirely, so it ends up as a half-baked one that rarely puts a smile on your face.Rameez Raja, who was last seen in Darling 2, maintains a stone face throughout the film and there’s not a single scene in which he scores. Janani gets more screen time in this film compared to her previous projects and does a decent job, but the script doesn’t give her much scope to perform.The music is pretty decent. Director Vijay Balaji seems to have learnt the tricks of handling a story where different characters come together at the end, from his mentor AR Murugadoss. But his work in the screenplay and story departments could’ve been much better. Read full review…

Deccan Chronicle | 4/10 Stars

Rameez Raja’s second movie ‘Darling 2’ got released first and he was appreciated for his performance in it. Apparently, VMU being his debut-acting venture, the actor looks naïve and passes muster. Janani Iyer in a decent role is adequate. It is surprising to see Daniel Balaji in an insignificant role and his dialogue delivery was artificial. Karunakaran shakes his leg for a kutthu style number. Music by Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy was good. As a concept the film looks good on paper, but it is in the execution director Vijay Balaji errs. The first half is a bit dragging, while the momentum picks up in the latter part. The film can be enjoyed only in parts.Read full review…

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