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Maayavan (2017) | Tamil Movie

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Dec 12 2017
Maayavan (2017) | Tamil Movie
8.1 (81.25%) 16 votes

Times of India
The Indian Express
Deccan Chronicle
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Genre         : Sci-Fi, Thriller
Release     : Dec 14, 2017
Run time   : 2:02:00
Language  : Tamil
Music         : Ghibran
Main Cast : Sundeep Kishan,Lavanya Tripathi,Daniel Balaji,Jackie Shroff,
Others       : Jayaprakash, Bagavathi Perumal, Mime Gopi,
Director    : C. V. Kumar
Story         : C. V. Kumar
Screenplay : Nalan Kumarasamy
Editor        : Leo John Paul
DOP           : Gopi Amarnath
Maayavan is a Sci-Fi Thriller by C. V. Kumar in his debut as a director. Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi have played the lead role, while Daniel Balaji and Jackie Shroff in the supporting roles. The plot revolves around a police officer and the haul to solve the series of murder happening in the city forms the crux. Ghibran’s music and background scores are excellent for the film.
The film opens with the funeral of renowned neurologist Pramod. His Gym trainer Dheena attends the ceremony to pay respect and leaves. Meanwhile, a thief is being chased by police officer Kumaran (Sundeep Kishan), who coincidentally witnesses Dheena killing his wife and chases him down, only to confront a near-death incident. Dheena dies on the spot and Kumaran is hospitalized for several months. After resuming to duty, Kumaran happens to investigate a murder which resembles the same pattern of Dheena to his shock. Consequently, Kumaran is disturbed psychologically.
Why did Kumaran tumble down? Who is the killer? Did Dheena really die? Watch the movie to know the thrilling facts.

Times of India | 7/10 Stars

 In his directorial debut, CV Kumar, the producer of films like Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum and Irudhi Suttru, gives us a gripping thriller — a whodunit with a touch of sci-fi. The film does take a while to get going, but once it begins to focus on the main plot with single-minded devotion, it turns into a thrill ride. One of the best things about Maayavan is how it manages to keep us guessing until it reveals the killer and his modus operandi. Right from the beginning, we sense something creepy happening, and Ghibran’s moody score only adds to the eeriness. And the film manages to clearly explain the high-concept involved. Credit should go to the script, by Nalan Kumarasamy. It is pure pulp and gloriously so. Read more…

The Indian Express | 6/10 Stars

 In Maayavan, first-time director Kumar centres his narration around an egoistic scientist Pramod. Unlike Bogan, the director did not require a star like Arvind Swamy to play the main antagonist. Kumar has given a scientific spin to the age-old concept of body-swapping, which surprisingly looks achievable with the aid of technology. The casting of the film is a letdown. While Sundeep and Lavanya have played the characters well, the supporting cast disappoints. But, writer Nalan Kumarasamy’s screenplay keeps the audience hooked to the investigative thriller that convincingly flirts with the science-fiction genre. Kumar’s directorial venture has flaws but if the film is judged only by its entertainment value, it passes the test with a first-class mark. Read more…

Deccan Chronicle | 5/10 Stars

New-age producer CV Kumar, known for picking up quirky scripts with solid content that had introduced many young talents has now tried his hands in direction with this serial murder sci-fi thriller ‘Maayavan’. Sundeep plays the role of a disturbed cop effectively and shines all through. He is slowly turning into a bankable commercial hero in Tamil cinema. Lavanya Tripathi who appears in a brief role is just about adequate. Daniel Balaji who fits the role to a T does a commendable job and his stylish looks appeal. The much-hyped Jackie Shroff role did not make any impact. Bhagavathi Perumal plays his part well. The major plus of the movie is Kumar’s solid story with a futuristic concept. Although Nalan Kumarasamy’s dialogues and screenplay help to create the right mood, we miss something in his writing. Ghibran’s music elevates the movie a notch, so also Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography. Read more…

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