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Aruvi (2017) | Tamil Movie

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Dec 12 2017
Aruvi (2017) | Tamil Movie
6.8 (67.5%) 16 votes

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Total Rating

Genre        : Drama, Thriller
Release     : Dec 15, 2017
Run time   : 2: 10: 00
Language  : Tamil
Main Cast : Aditi Balan, Anjali Varadhan, Mohammad Ali Baig,
Others       : Shwetha Shekar, Lakshmi Gopalaswami,
Director     : Arun Prabhu Purushothaman
Story          : Arun Prabhu Purushothaman
Music         : Bindu Malini,  Vedanth Bharadwaj
Editing       : Raymond Derrick Crasta
DOP            : Shelley Calist
Aruvi is a Drama – Thriller film by debutant Arun Prabhu Purushothaman. The film portrays the events that occur in the life of Aruvi who finds it hard to live in the present consumerist civilization. The songs and scores from Bindu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj are excellent. Editing by Raymond Derrick Crasta and Cinematography (DOP) by Shelley Calist is a bonus to the film.
On a stormy night, two suspects, Aruvi (Aditi Balan) and Emily (Anjali Varadhan) are taken into custody by police accused to be a part of a terrorist group. This becomes the talk of the town and media trying to cover the news. To find the motive and their identity, the accused friend and family is called for an interrogation, during which the shades of Aruvi is revealed.
Who is Aruvi? Is she a part of any terrorist group? Watch the movie and unfold the story.

Times of India | 8/10 Stars

Aruvi is a superbly written drama centred around a unique character that unfolds as a thriller, a black comedy, an awareness movie, and a tragedy. The film is so effortlessly crowd-pleasing — and also tremendously moving. This is, by far, the most unconventional among the recent new-age films, with a bravura lead performance by Aditi Balan. The actress is ably guided by the direction of Arun Prabu Purushothaman, who joins the list of first-rate debutant directors we have got this year. If his writing displays a sensitivity that you don’t often see in a first-time filmmaker, there is flair in his filmmaking that gives this film a distinct new-age vibe. The evocative songs and score by Bindu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj, Shelley Calist’s exquisite cinematography and Raymond Derrick Crystal’s precise editing amplify this feeling of watching something avant-garde. Read more…

Deccan Chronicle | 9/10 Stars

Arun undoubtedly has chosen Aditi Balan after auditioning more than 500 girls to portray Aruvi – a complex character and a face that should bring out a gamut of emotions. She owns the film with her winsome performance.  Transgender Anjali Varadhan is yet another revelation, so is also Lakshmi Gopalaswamy. The rest such as Kavitha Bharathy as the reality show director, Pradeep Antony as the assistant director, Shwetha Shekar as Aruvi’s friend, the boy who serves tea, and the dad too chip in with notable performances. The studio portions are a bit stretched. Nevertheless, they provide the comic quotient on an otherwise serious story. Technically, he is aided by the superb cinematography of Shelley Calist and fabulous music by Bindu Malini and Vedhant Bharadwaj. Editing by Raymond Derrick Crasta is equally good. Aruvi is a must watch. Read more…

The Indian Express | 8/10 Stars

Aptly named Aruvi (waterfall), the movie is a cascade of emotions: laughter, tears, anger, loneliness, the film has everything in a neat package. It is a struggle to find a beginning point when a film has almost everything working in its favour. This year truly belongs to the debutant directors and Arun Prabhu Purushothaman finishes the list in style. His writing is gold. Even when the film slightly takes a preachy tone, the authenticity of his words keeps you hooked. He makes his protagonist find solace with three people who ruined her life and yet, you don’t blink an eye. That’s the success of Arun’s writing. Raymond’s nifty editing, especially in the first half, and the effect non-linear narrative conjures is almost poetic. Bindhu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj’s music acts as another narrator for Aruvi. It would be blasphemous to not mention the performances in Aruvi. Arun’s move to cast newcomers is smart. Without the baggage of previous appearances, every performance is fresh and adds more authenticity and flavour to the narrative. And boy what a find Aditi Balan is. Read more…

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